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Lake Forest Green Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts

Are you aware that one of the most hated house cleaning jobs in America is tile and grout cleaning? It’s true – people hate all the scrubbing and scouring needed, to get a clean, shiny finish to their tile and grout floors, bathroom walls and counter tops. If you count yourself as one of those who hate to get on their hands and knees and scrub grout lines, then Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners has good news for you!

While we can’t stop your tile and grout from getting dirty in the first place, Carpet Cleaning Experts in Lake Forest can get your residential or commercial tile and grout the cleanest and shiniest it has been since it was new. What’s more, we can leave it easier to clean and care for, so that you won’t dread doing this job in the future.

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Q: What makes dirty tile and grout so difficult to get clean?

A: Actually glazed ceramic tile is easy to clean, as long as the glaze is still intact. It is usually the surrounding grout lines that are more difficult to get clean. This is because the grout sealant probably has worn off. Grout is a very porous substance and if not properly sealed, or if the sealant has worn off, or been removed, all kinds of substances can begin to collect in the grout lines. This leads to dirt and grime build up as well as staining.

Q: I understand that Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners can do a beautiful job cleaning my tile and grout. But can you also restore my grout to it’s original color?

A: Good news – yes we can! Our cleaning methods are effective, but gentle as well as, eco-friendly. We are known throughout the Lake Forest CA. area for restoring dirty grout right back to it’s original color.

Q: Help! Pieces of my grout are coming out. Can Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners clean this grout too?

A: It sounds like the best solution for you is to first clean your tile and then re-grout your lines, with new grout. We will of course match the original appearance and color of your grout, to regain the look that it had when brand new.

Here at Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners, we do much more than clean ceramic tile and grout. We can clean all of your tile flooring, counter tops, and walls, including tiles and slabs made of marble, travertine, limestone, granite, onyx and other natural stones. These different substances have their own sealants as well. After our technicians have finished working on your tile and grout work, we will leave you valuable tips and information, on cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout in the future. These valuable tips will save you time, money and frustration.

Call us today for a free estimate, or to have your questions answered. Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners is your resident tile and grout authority. We are expert and we are affordable, so call us for your next cleaning!

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