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Lake Forest, California residents love to relax. We spend quality time sleeping, reading, eating, watching television, playing video games, romancing, meditating, and many other activities when we are not busy working. We do all these activities while using upholstered furniture. What many do not realize is that there is a whole world of activity going on right inside our furniture. Millions of tiny organisms, microbes, allergens, bacteria, and mold spores are living, thriving, and reproducing every single day.

Is there a danger to co-existing with all of these tiny living organisms? There can be, yes. Side effects of dirty upholstery can include coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, itchy skin, watery eyes, lack of sleep, ear and throat irritations, shortness of breath and more. For those who already suffer from allergies, hay fever, and asthma, their usual symptoms can be worsened.

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Q: Can’t I just clean my furniture on my own with my vacuum cleaner and some detergent?

A: Here at Carpet Cleaning Experts in Lake Forest, we encourage our many customers to regularly vacuum their upholstered furniture. This serves to prolong the times when professional upholstery cleanings are needed. It also removes much of the surface dirt and grime that can get further embedded, if not removed periodically. Unfortunately, home vacuums do not have the suction and cleaning power, or the necessary tools, to do a professional job of thoroughly cleaning your upholstered furniture pieces.

Q: Which upholstered furniture pieces should I target for professional cleaning?

A: Furniture pieces that get the most usage should be cleaned more often. Examples of these can be; bed mattresses, throw pillows, pet bedding, futon mattresses, recliners, sofa cushions, dining room chairs, car seating, pillows, patio furniture and footstools. Even little used furniture like formal living room sets that are rarely used should be professionally cleaned about once a year.

Q: My furniture looks clean. Are you sure it is full of little dirt particles?

A: Yes! Surface dirt is easy to notice and smell. What you may not notice are the microscopic items like insect larvae, mold spores, allergens, bacteria, drywall dust, pet and human dander, food particles, coffee, ink, lipstick, cooking vapors, oil, grease, hair and dozens of other similar irritants.

What is the next step to getting clean upholstered furniture? Simply call Thomas Green Carpet Cleaners and get a no cost, no obligation estimate. Then, make an appointment to have us clean your residential or commercial upholstered furniture. If we are coming out to clean your carpets as well, we can do both tasks on the same visit.

Call Now: (949) 535-2828